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Rita Henderson, MA, LPC

Co-Owner, Licensed Professional Counselor

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A message from Rita:

Greetings.  I am a licensed therapist in Conshohocken PA.  First, I believe there are so many of us in this world who are hurting and broken. Second, I believe that you (and everyone) have the right to be heard. You deserve a safe place to share your thoughts, feelings and situations that are causing you pain. All of us have different reasons for this pain; anxiety, depression, fear, broken relationships and so many more.  I am privileged to provide you a safe place to share your pain, to listen to you as you process your pain and to help you achieve healing as you move beyond your pain. Not only do I believe in this process of therapy; I BELIEVE HEALING DOES AWAIT YOU.

Please don’t wait any longer. Let’s begin the process of healing today.

Rita’s Counseling Background:

Rita Henderson is an experienced, licensed therapist in Conshohocken PA. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Pennsylvania. Rita has worked over 18+ years (and counting) in the field of psychology in various counseling roles in Montgomery County, PA and Delaware Country, PA.  As a LPC for over 12+ years, she has logged over 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience, passed the NCE, and graduated with her Master’s in Clinical Counseling from the Department of Counseling Psychology at Eastern University.

As a Therapist in Conshohocken PA:

Rita is licensed to offer therapy services customized to adults, families, couples and adolescents.  As a comprehensive and experienced therapist in Conshohocken PA, Rita has worked with countless adults, children and families as they work through life’s issues. Rita strives to provide a caring and comfortable environment for each of her clients so that they may safely work through the challenges and issues that they have been experiencing.  Rita does believe (and has personally seen) the hope and healing that awaits each person as they work through difficult circumstances.

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The new you will feel empowered, confident, connected, and on a positive path towards growth.